Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Securing The Knot : Bonding

'An innocent heart cannot be captured by showering presents but only by cherished moments shared with it.'

Bond between two human beings is just like a string tied amidst two hearts channeling emotions amongst them. Once a soul connects to another, the heart slips and the two souls sway with one another in the rhythm of life. In the human race, we by and large come across two sorts of bonding – one which God bequests to us in form blood relations early from the day we enter this world and the other manmade with the ones we crash into in our journey in this planet. The tie between a mother and a child knows no bounds and is undeniably a compilation of almost all the earthly ‘happy’ feelings be it be love, anger so on and so forth wrapped into a single package portrayed by just a simple word ‘Maa’.

A child’s heart freed of voracity, self –indulgence, revulsion and abhorrence bonds more fondly than those who have spent a considerable amount of time in this double faced world. Those precious humble moments that any adult spends with a toddler may be the rarest one to sense bliss in this tiring years. 

रहिमन धागा प्रेम का, मत तोरो चटकाय.
टूटे पे फिर ना जुरे, जुरे गाँठ परी जाय

Counting on the preceding famous lines of the honorary saint and poet “Rahim”, those modest beings are akin to fragile glass centerpiece are more prone to be wounded on slightest actions and consequently dealt with diligence.

Indubitably it is evident that each and every member assembling Aasra into many bodies but one soul comprehends the bonding between this altruistic group of NITR with the pure souls residing in different sectors of the steel city.Empathy leading to spread the light of knowledge amidst the mist of ignorance is one of the supreme sentiment known to the mankind. The smile generated because of minute effort fortifies exponentially this special bond. Almost every other individual skips a beat ‘coz of happiness the instant all the kids sprint forward and cuddle up against you. All other worldly experiences can barely match up to the love for those tiny ones counting the days awaiting our arrival. Watching those adorable faces gleaming with elation is beyond doubt a heartwarming sensation. Those days in Aasra shall definitely be printed in golden letters on the pages of life.

-Seemran Mishra

Monday, March 30, 2015


March 29, 2015
7:14 PM

A conference at Burla

Upon invitation from the social service wing of VSSUT Burla, we went to attend their conference called “Sangharsh- a small step for a huge change.” It was a conference to discuss upon the current primary education scenario in Odisha, and in India and also it served as a platform for many organizations such as us to come to a single platform and discuss upon our work, achievements, challenges and solutions to such problems. Apart from the Sanskar Kendra team of VSSUT Burla itself, GIET gunupur NSS, GITAM vizag Yo Yo Youngistan also were participants of the conference. In presence of some educationalists and other dignitaries who have served the society in the education field, the conference was a medium to learn from their experiences.
This post is meant to be a reference to all our members who could not attend the conference. These are the few heads upon which the discussions were carried out:-
1)      Pedagogy

Pedagogy refers to the system of teaching. Upon this the first session was carried out on which different dignitaries spoke. There were two dignitaries whose views I would like to share with all.
·         Nirupama Mam’
o   She differentiated between the old system that was based on teaching to the new system that is now based on learning.
o   In the teaching system, the teachers considered students as plane slate upon which a teacher can write anything that they want and would expect the students to retain the same. If from an assessment it is understood that 80% of the kids would secure good marks, the class used to be considered as an effective class. But there used to be no focus on the amount of knowledge they retained in the longer run.
o   In the learning system, it is considered that – when a kid comes to the class room, he/she is not a clean slate but a kid with experiences. Respect should be given to those experiences. Based on the experiences of the students of the class, the teacher should then design his class. We should have a clear picture of what activity we would conduct among them.
o   She quoted an example of teaching the chapter of water to the students where instead of reading through the lines of a textbook where the students won’t relate to anything, activities such as – “asking them to search and list down all the water sources from their locality” would make them involved, give them an experience from which they could learn about Water.
·         Mr. Pradhan
o   If the kid, the parents and the community is engaged in the career building of a kid, then only there will be effective education.
o   He focused on the effect and the role of the community in which the kid lives, directly on the kids’ education. If the community is understood and then according to that the kids are taught, it would be an effective way of education.
2)      Parental control and Policies of the Govt.

Though an important part of the issue, but none of the discussion seems worth sharing here.

Few ideas worth sharing:-
1)      Detailed survey of our workplaces, including the schools that our kids go to, their homes and other such facilities that they avail would give us a clear picture of what our workplaces are lagging in terms of basic amenities.
2)      Rotation of mentor. We come across students who once left behind, always stays behind. For this if a single teacher teaches a batch of kids in a particular class, he/she would know about how the kids of the class are educated. And depending upon their pre-state, he/she would continue to teach the same batch until the end of their term by which we can ensure such things would be tackled.
3)      Knowing about the govt. schools that our kids go to, would allow us to know about how effective the teaching is in there. Using the govt. provided system is the best way we could ensure effective education of our kids.

-Swadhin Kumar

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Aasra is not just a club.

Aasra is not just a club,
It's heaven on earth.
Sparkling star, Sunshine Sun,
Spreading light in the Dark.

Aasra is not just a club,
It's a ship sailing in the sea.
Navigator, Blowing air,
helping them to get the ways.

Aasra is not just a club,
It's flying Eagle in the sky.
Strong determination, Limitless Vision,
make them to achieve their destination.

By Abhishek Gupta

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