Friday, October 3, 2014

Awareness Campaign

This year the issue of awareness in all the workplace was taken up by the current executive body. A yearlong plan was drafted and the mission, vision and agenda of the complete campaign was discussed. This documentation will remain as a future reference for the coming executive body.

The awareness program is dedicated towards developing the living conditions in the workplaces. Any permanent change that can be brought about in the society is by creating awareness programs. When the citizens are responsible for their well-being and understand their individual role in developing the society only then can any change happen. Thus, AASRA intends to bring about a change in the society by creating awareness.

Awareness program is a far-sighted program and is envisioned to bring about self-esteem of people in the workplace by developing the living conditions. Not a single person defecates in the open; Kids wash their hands before eating; People use chappals and wear clean clothes. Superstition is eradicated; Fast aid is given to injured; People manage their waste and use dustbins. Trees are planted, and a healthy environment is maintained by the people of the workplace themselves.


·         First aid awareness
·         Cleanliness and Sanitation
·         Health and hygiene
·         Waste management
·         Street play for awareness
·         Tree plantation

Each awareness program is ideally given a time period of 15-20 days where all the ideas are brought up, method of awareness selected, preparation and discussion is done and campaign in all the workplaces is completed. The necessary equipment is also procured for the use. Proper pipelining is done for the awareness program such that two awareness campaign is done within 30 days.

Methods of campaign:-
·         Demonstration
·         Plays
·         Posters
·         Any other interactive media

The team:-

Every awareness program has a philanthropic guide (a senior most member), two guides, and three leaders and five to six trainees. Most of the work is done by the trainees where all the managing is done by the leaders and guides. The philanthropic guide looks over the complete awareness program's projection (the change it can bring about) and suggests necessary modification.

 - Swadhin Kumar

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Update @August 2k14

This is to update and summarize all the work that AASRA undertook from February to August'14

Blood donation at Kalyan Foundation
  1. On 2nd February, "Kalyan Samitee" a group under SMS II of Rourkela steel plant, who have been our associates for two years, organised an event to help needy people around the Steel Township. In response to their formal invitation we volunteered in their event. A blood donation camp was also organised in their premises in which we actively participated.

  1. A new project conceptualised and energised by Prof. K C Patra has been taken over by AASRA recently. The project aims at rehabilitation of Street Urchins, those kids who roam around in Railway Station and streets. This being a sensitive issue, we made contact ADM office. He gave us permission to such kids and in any case if would find a kid whom we can rehabilitate we would contact them. We aimed at rehabilitating the kids in orphanages. But after a few trips we came to these conclusions:-
    • The station area alone consists of approximately 120 kids!
    • Most of these kids were not orphans, which means we can't directly put them into orphanages. They roam in the streets in the day time and sleep wherever they feel, i.e. at home or in the station.
    • Many kids among these are addicted to taking Dendrite, a chemical that is used as an adhesive and if taken produces hallucination
Thus we will be continuing visit to these kids and counselling them on a regular basis.

  1. A team was prepared to make a curriculum for AASRA, a common curriculum that will aim at teaching study skills to the kids after which they can themselves read the prose and other topics from their books. The aim of such an approach is to enhance kids' own interest in studies rather than spoon feeding them.

  1. The tailoring work that was left unfinished in Sec-21 workplace, has been resumed. "Deepika Mahila Sansthan" is collaborating with us to give vocational training to girls of Sec-21 workplace. Three girls of the workplace are taking this training course of 6 months. This project is taken in order to bring about an employment opportunity for them as well as to provide the Rourkela Township with more number of Tailors.

  1. Apart from the normal teaching in workplaces Extempore, Quiz etc. were being conducted in our workplaces for development of personality of the kids.

  1. On 4th May, A health camp was conducted in OSAP workplace. New cases of Leprosy were suspected to have arisen in there. In collaboration with CWS Hospital's Chairman Fa. BennyChann K. Peter, Dr. Mohanty & Dr. Debjit Kar- this camp, was a successful event and helped in diagnosis of the affected. Luckily the suspected cases just turned out to be allergies. However leprosy colonies need health check-up in a regular basis. Thus from now on conducting Health Camps in workplaces has been included into our annual agenda.
Health Checkup at OSAP
Health Awareness at OSAP

  1. The results of 10th and 12th kids of our workplaces are out and the details of those are given in the attachment.

  1. Clothes, bedding, essentials etc. were donated by the departing 2014 batch which was collected by AASRA volunteers and is sent to Goonj(a NGO), BBSR centre for reuse purpose.

  1. Based on the results of 10th kids, two kids are given with a scholarship that will be used in purchasing their books and pay their fees.

Orientation and Induction 2k14
  1. The fresher orientation was conducted on 1st August which was attended by 180 people. Prof S.K. Das and Prof S.N. Alam attended the orientation and encouraged the newbies in taking up the noble cause. Induction was then held on 3rd August in which 65 new enthusiastic members joined hands with AASRA.

Rakshya Bandhan @AASRA

  1. Rakhsya Bandhan was held on 10th August in all our workplaces with great pleasure. Prof S.K Das and Dr.
Prof. P. Balasubramanian took great pleasure in celebrating with the kids and distributed sweets among them.

The above are the status of our work in these five months. Now talking about our long term plan, We have taken of the topic of "Hygiene in our workplace" for this year's objective. Not only should we involve ourselves with educating the workplace kids, but also we must focus on creating a better environment in our workplace. If Hygiene and sanitation practices are being followed by the kids, then it has a greater chance to reach unto all the people of our workplaces.
The yearlong plan(for developing hygiene and sanitation) that lies ahead of us are:-
  • Conducting Street Plays in the workplace in order to aware the people about healthy practices.
  • Putting up posters and other awareness resources in workplaces.
  • Showing movies and videos related to hygiene that will motivate them to practise healthy habits
  • Seeing that the supply, drainage and latrine systems in all the workplaces are safe for the people.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Swadhin Kumar,
National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
Ph no. :- +917205828448




Look around and you'll find familiar faces. This place, this moment. A human psychology to look for familiarity, for repetition, for habits. We are happy for what we see around is sanity and is pleasant. For a moment forget where you are. Gear up your imagination and look at what I see.

A kid walking down the meadows having no sense about how this busy world rhymes. Just a kid, just like any of us were. But this kid is way different than others. We have all our desires met. We see clean tiles and painted walls, good paper, elegant toys. But this kid is just unlucky to have these all.

Kids from Sector-6 Workplace
He knows not how things rhyme with sticks and stones, for him broken bones were what seemed more atonable. For he has a stronger belief that he is a piece of flesh and no one would love him. That they'll never in their life have shade, for them the sun has always scorched in the sky above. They have bruises in them. Bruises attained from the thorns and stones that lay in their way. And don't tell me broken bones cause more pain than broken hearts. The bruise that forms in his heart pains him, so often in the day, while no drug can heal it, no anti-depressant he can afford. After a few while bottles start looking real friendly. While he kisses the bottles feeling happy about how better off he is with it than the world, he knows not how much he is lofted away from this world.

The streets of this world are a battleground. And while in the childhood he can avoid the cruelties of the life, and in afterlife when hunger strikes? When hunger strikes, he roams free on the roads with no clue of what to do in this busy world. After a tiresome quest he sits! Lonely and dusty he just stays still like a statue leaving no clue for anybody who goes past him. The constant ringing in his mind- "Beware of life!" pulsating every other asset of the world!! Despite a lovable family, he has nothing in this world. Because just he was born poor! And sometimes he is also the bad question that his parents tried to erase but succeeded not! Just because he was born at the wrong hands!

For those who of you think that he is an ugly mistake, come closer and see! For the innocence that is derived from their ignorance flows the definition of beauty! Because they see your heart before they see your skin, because they always have thought the world amazing, they just need to feel amazing about themselves. They can see this world as it looks from the top of mountains, just a feeling of success; not a feeling to jump off and end their miserable lives. Despite the world army against him, he is capable of standing as an inspiration. Sometimes he'll differentiate between sanity and addiction and will renounce all the evils that looked friendly to him once.

And with all the beauty that is in them and not a proper mirror to show them what lies in their bright side, is just unfortunate. Mirrors are we, to show these kids that dance in front of us what they are, what they contain and what they can be. Mirrors are we to show them where their roads that they walk upon will lead. Mirrors are we to these kids. Education comes then.

-Swadhin Kumar

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Maa Aesegache

                Amidst the beats of dhols and the nagadas the mother arrives. The eyes which till now were waiting desperately for her arrival, is filled with joy. The goddess arrives victorious. The conch is blown and the ladies perform “ulu dhyoni” in unison.
                The sight of mother on lion with furious eyes, ten heads holding weapons stabbing the mahisasura is a sight to watch. My heart starts pounding hard, I am sure every heart does. Standing in front of the Devi, tears seem to fill my eyes and I wonder why since childhood we have been taught to pray. Pray to God for giving us strength. We were told- if you ask sincerely God never denies help. But a question kept teasing my mind. Hasn’t God made us self-sufficient to take care of ourselves? Definitely there is a super power. Miracles do happen. But why consider ourselves weak.
                This little girl from an orphanage in Rourkela wasn’t weak for sure. She used to take up the responsibility of several others. But when she tried raising her voices against a senior person molesting her, she was chained. Chained to the same person who molested her. This incident dates back sometime around where we witnessed the “Nirbhaya case.”
                Durga- jagatj Janani, mahisasur mardini. But why limit these words to just Durga. Isn’t it applicable to all women? She definitely carries the responsibility of spreading and preserving love through her motherhood in her womb. But doesn’t Durga show that if someone dares to trample with her respect, she can become Mahishasur Mardini.
                Go on and call me a feminist but there is one more point to make here. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh came together to empower the Goddess with weapons and wisdom, when they together couldn’t curb evil.  This puja let it be a message for all men and women, women need not be protected. They need to be empowered.

                This puja is special for us. Our ancestors conveyed a simple thought through symbols. But it depends on us how we decipher these symbols - cry for help in front of the almighty or take the message, they wished to convey.
                                                                          - Rohini Naishadham

Thursday, August 7, 2014


The bonding which exists between Aasraites  and the people of different work places is a paradigm of  friendship and love.  As an Aasraite, I too am bonded. This bond unknowingly compels us to visit our workplaces regularly and spend time with those people whom we even did not know few years back. Such is the strength of the bond.

It is due to this strong bond that we, members of Aasra, feel that we are a family. Any work members carry out on behalf of this club is done with the feeling that they are helping their kith and kins. Each and every Aasraite is proud of this bonding that exists among fellow members.
Such is the sanctity of the bond.

Talking about the enjoyment part, it is the most amazing characteristic of that bond. Each and every member has learnt how to share happiness and   delectation.  We visit our workplaces in order to spread and share happiness, and most importantly also to share knowledge.
Such are the moral values of the bond.

In addition to that, this bonding has many other aspects. All we wish that this bond remains intact forever.

                                                                  - ARNAB BANERJEE    

Friday, January 10, 2014


Someone has told me that, “Two days are important in your life- the first is the day you were born and the second is when you get to know why you were?

Everyone will agree that after making a long journey to a small corner of Rourkela, “Chhend Shisubhavan”, where our arrival is awaited with great expectations, we are greeted with the most warm welcome and a kind of reverence in the eyes of those innocent kids that each of us steps into the shoes of a Responsible Person from being someone who dons the hat of a carefree Engineer.

The only time I run away from them is when they approach us to seek our blessings by touching our feet. This indeed makes us feel uncomfortable, yet the look on their faces can melt anyone’s heart.

I joined Aasra with the thought so as to get close to the second most important day of my life and  I tried to give them moral support and learning stuff. Then we tried to enable them to learn by themselves. But at certain times, their innocence, behavior and their life taught us to appreciate and be grateful for all the comforts of living given to us by our parents.

Our bonding with these little hidden talents goes to great depths, such that they once made my mind to call my parents and talk to them without any reason.

My Chhend buddies were less interactive during those starting days but even then I found a fun loving face among the crowd, whom my friends used to consider as the naughtiest kid. With the gradual passage of time, we got to know and become close to everyone, yet the naughtiest kid has always been my dearest.  I still vividly remember how we used to get him to listen and to learn. He used to have never ending energy and enthusiasm for everything except studies, and to make him do the very same thing was quite an uphill task. Every Aasrite must have had experienced this at least once in their respective workplaces. The kids thank us for teaching them everything. But meanwhile I am a little amused, because I didn’t teach them. It is them who TAUGHT us to analyze and seek an answer to- “WHAT WERE WE BORN FOR?”

-Sourav Seth 

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