Wednesday, February 8, 2012


"The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service."

.         A social service organization, SMS-2, most of whose members are from RSP along some other renowned personalities of Rourkela had organized a Camp in the Gayatri Mandir near I.G. Park.
Being invited,Prabartika,Tariq, Prakash, Amlan and Pallabi had gone on behalf of AASRA. Children from four orphanages including our Basanti Colony;and, some other physically disabled people had come there. They were  provided with clothes  already collected by the club members along with shoes and slippers..Health check up was also going on while the things were being distributed, since Sucheta Ma'am was also present there. While everyone was busy, meanwhile Aarti from Basanti Colony collapsed since she was suffering from migrane.But she was taken to hospital and after she returned alright,all had had lunch there.

          This time during the convocation, when the seniors were asked as to what they expect from todays AASRA,Rohini di told that she wanted all of us to take Aasra to such a height that whenever any child in Rourkela is in need of help,the first name that must come to his mind should be "Aasra"..That day we felt someday we will surely make it possible!!
Many renowned and eminent personalities were present from whom we came to know the past stories of AASRA.We were surprised as to how they knew all this We were trying to interact with them but to our surprise they were waiting to interact with us and discuss their problems and future plans.We had never felt so privileged. Even they told us to decide some date in the coming week so that we could  get together and discuss some long term plans .They told us, “If our motive is same ,let us work together'. Some of the members stay near the NIT campus. It was  really encouraging  to see their great willingness to provide a helping hand  at any time.We have given them our tabloids and have got  their contacts for future plans.

“Mere liye sabse badi baat ye thi ki mujhe aj kisi ne maa bulaya h, or kisi ne didi, beti or kisi ne ma'am..!! Bas soch rhi thi, main kab itni badi ho gai...”,tells an elated Prabartika

Days like this are rewards for the unwavering devotion of aasraites for their cause.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Bright eyes shining with dreams,
With smiles greet,hopes up to brim.
In silence a hundred questions ask,
With all innocence,their grief try to mask.
         On landing up at any such place where flowers are assumed to blossom without any water,and any other form of care; one cannot help but wonder,"Arent we losing out a lot"?Those bright eyes do really have dreams. Someone says,"I want to be a doctor";another says,"I want to learn about computers".
          The generosity of the Sun even teaches us a lot as not to let these beautiful flowers wither without water.Claiming ourselves to be excellent investors of time,we  definitely can see the interest returns of nurturing their talents .No matter how busy we are;attending jobs,running an organisation or being the CEO of a company we can still find time to contribute our part in adding beauty to the world.Going out of our way to make certain small acts a part of our way may cause little difference is what we may tend to think,but it is not so.Opening windows of the mind and letting go these doubts regarding how significant a contribution we can make, an altogether new picture presents itself;fresh,vivid and exceedingly breathtaking.
           Service doesnt mean flipping a coin to the bowl of a beggar.Some do so,and then like triumphant warriors walk out with swollen pride.A small act of service doesnt take much time or effort, but the power of that little act to cause difference in someone's life is enormous.It conveys a message that we remember our duty as humans, and that we really care.
             When we add colours to someone's life in form of a rainbow,it touches our hearts too.We may stand where we are,but richer with bliss,satisfaction and a sense of worthiness.Once we reach a decision not to bargain for time, but to invest even a little with all our will,then this richness will be ours!It is really wonderful;how when we become harbingers of happiness for those sad eyes;somehow, in ways unknown more happiness starts flowing into our lives.These flowers, a few words for them:
Even as so small, they know to give,
Love and warmth which we all try to seek.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seventh Foundation Day

On 26th January this year like every year, all aasraites from different workplaces came together to celebrate AASRA 7th foundation day and being one of the major events in aasra calendar, it was celebrated with great joy.  It took place in the Bhubaneswar behera auditorium, with our esteemed director, Dr. Sunil Kumar Sarangi being the chief guest. Faculties from various departments, Prof Santanu Bhattacharyya, Prof Ramakar Jha, Prof K.C.Patra, Prof Bansidhar Majhi, and Mr M.V.Ramarao from Rourkela Club have also joined the aasra family in our celebrations. The events began at 9:30 a.m. with the director’s speech and then followed by a dance from sector 21 workplace. In the meantime children from different workplaces arrived and were provided with refreshments. A wonderful dance was performed by chhend children on “tare zameen par” song which even moved the judges. The chhend children also performed a drama on the concept of “conservation of trees” which received a huge applause from one and all. A video was shown to give the guests an idea about the work aasraites do in their workplaces depicting the wonderful time they spend.  As the program reached its end, two beautiful performances were performed by the girls of basanti colony. There was also a fun game organised for the children, and everyone present that day thoroughly enjoyed it. The faculties were deeply moved by the purpose that aasra strives to achieve and assured all their help in this regard. After the cultural activities, everyone moved to the community centre to have lunch. A few more fun activities were held for the children and children also playing cricket and football. Around 4:00 pm the prize distribution ceremony was held and prizes for the various competitions held in the morning were presented by Prof R.K. Jha. The evening witnessed the joy of every single person amplified to its maximum because, we knew that the institute would never give us a chance like this to actually sit, sing and dance with the kids any other day. The Seventh Foundation day and the counts’ still on.

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