Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AASRA steps into Youtube

Aasra extends its presence into the world wide web further more today. We are glad to inform you about the new channel at for aasra. The aasra channel aims at showing the world what we people from aasra at NIT Rourkela does at our workplaces. Currently the channel consists of some videos showing the people of world about our feedback and the dance performance given by the children at Chhend Orphanage, an orphanage where aasraites visit.  the link of the channel is Three cheers to Ashish Ankur for the channel. We aim to tell the world that social service shall be an integral part of every ones  life and this channel is one such attempt to prove our caliber. Get to know us. Contact us. Help us.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Orientation Program 2011-2012

Just like every year, AASRA successfully performed its orientation program for the academic year of 2011-2012 in its own fabulous style, overcoming the technical difficulties with the Bhubhaneswar Behera Auditorium. The program started around 5:45 PM on 22nd of the month of july. The program was hosted by Prakash Sarangi, second year student from the department of Mechanical Engineering and Ankita Jena, pre final student from the department of Computer Science Engineering. The program started with the presentation of the Power Point Presentation about the society. There was an over whelming presence of fresher community in the BBA. The PPT explained about AASRA and its profound history, remembering our founder members and their extra ordinary effort to overcome the initial difficulties. Then a simple talk on each and every workplace we visit now was given respectively on Leprosy Colony at Sector-21, Leprosy Colony at OSAP, Orphanage at Basanti Colony and Orphanage at Chhend. Moving Further with the presentation, we discussed our current problems and our effort to curb them with the freshers. The interactive session followed, was highly stimulating and most of the freshers came out with their experience in social service, the kind of joy they derived from this act.

Moving on further, our faculty advisor Prof. Ramakar Jha and our faculty guide Prof. U.K.Mohanty addressed the gathering and motivated them further. The program lived to its peak of satisfaction when the children from the workplaces were called upon and felicitated. When they confessed their ambitions, the auditorium witnessed a scene of music beats spread in the air coming from the satisfied expressions of every one sitting in the arena. The documentary film was shown and following it was the awe inspiring video of Nickelback, If every one cared was shown. Dushyant Sharma, final year student from electrical engineering department shared his three year experience with the people of the Leprosy colony at Sector-21 and his speech inspired many of the crowd to make social service an integral part of their lives. Interested students who wanted to join AASRA were given with the induction forms and 69 people turned in, efficiently bettering over the strength of the previous years. A final video depicting our fun and enjoyment within the family of AASRA was shown and this proved once again that AASRA is not a club, but it is a family working for the betterment of society. The orientation program was a success with all the members of the family, rejoicing and welcoming the new members to the family.

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