Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Basanti Colony was all perked up last Monday , the 25th of October , to celebrate birthdays of Jigyansha and Jyostna . It being a change from the rhythm of routine life , seemed to charge one and all , with vigour and enthusiasm.

By the time we reached there, the decorations and preparations for the birthday party were almost done with. The place was beautifully decked up and all the children were agog with excitement, eager, or rather it would be more proper to say , were impatient for the celebrations to begin.
Finally their wait was over and the party celebrations took off with cutting of cake by the two little angels. And after that followed a grand dinner n lots of others party food . Needless to say , any occasion at Basanti , is a special one.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ideas and Aasra

Ideas, people say can come from anywhere. Then how can kids be deprived of it?

Interactive workshop on case studies on “Real Time Hydrological Modelling for Ganga-Brahmaputra Basin” was organised in our institute from 23rd to 25th September, 2010. Chhend, one of the workplace of AASRA made an active participation in this event. A four member team of Biswa, Durga, Suman and Kumar guided by Amlan and Prabartika of AASRA displayed a working model on Rainwater Harvesting. They were applauded and appreciated for their hard work and dedication. They were given a token of appreciation from the Chief Guest itself and were asked to carry on their work and come up with more new ideas. It was a new experience for the kids as they displayed their ideas for the first time in front of a bench of experienced members.


This year Aasra celebrated the Ganesh Puja festival at all its workplaces on 11th September 2010.There was a grand celebration at Sec-21 Leprosy Colony. The idol of Lord Ganesh had been prepared by a boy from OSAP leprosy colony, Kanhu. The Aasrites reached the Colony at 9am in the morning. Then we spent much time with the kids there, playing games. The Puja started at 11am..The atmosphere was very pious and devotional. The priest recited hymns. The organisation and conduct of the puja was a grand success. The puja was followed with the partake of 'prasad' by all. It was really a delightful experience worshiping Lord Ganesh in the company of the kids at Sec-21 Leprosy Colony.

Raksha Bandhan

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the Aasraites went to their allotted workplaces to celebrate the auspicious occasion, with the motive of distributing sweets and smiles. Arriving there, greeted by excited faces and plates decorated with Rakhi, the beautiful band signifying the bond between a brother and a sister; diyas, and sweets. Settling down a bit, the Raksha Bandhan ceremony started. The girls there tied rakhis to the boys of Aasra and the Aasra girls tied Rakhis to the boys there. The boys there were so eager and happy at the prospect of having sisters, every time one of the members went to tie a Rakhi almost all the hands reached out. This was followed by music and dance, as goes the custom of every happy celebration. There was lots of fun with the kids. The celebration then turned into a mini Christmas as all the kids had their demands of various presents heard. Pens and chocolates were also distributed. In short, the evening was alight with happiness.

Little's Science Yard 2017

This innovision saw a successful continuation of AASRA's 'Little Science Yard' streak. Little science yard is a science projec...