Sunday, December 10, 2017

Little's Science Yard 2017

This innovision saw a successful continuation of AASRA's 'Little Science Yard' streak. Little science yard is a science project making competition for the children from aasra's different workplaces and it aims at bringing the innovation and talents of the young minds into the limelight. The event took place in the LA premises on 5th of November, 2017. The children reported to the venue by 9:30 am in the morning and submitted their projects- models and chart papers. Apart from these, there were also glass paintings and crafts from the students of OSAP and Sector-6. The event coordinators from AASRA made sure that the projects were divided according to their workplaces and thereafter arranged in the different stalls that were allotted to each workplace. There was arrangement for all the meals and accordingly, breakfast was given to the kids at 10:30 am. 
Once the stalls were arranged, Prof. Ujjal Chattraj, Faculty Advisor of AASRA- Prof. SK Das, and a PhD scholar, Pushpadant Jain, were called in for the evaluation of the projects. This year saw the first ever participation of the children from Jagda workplace. The children were then taken to the Technology club for lunch at 1:30 pm, and soon after, the prize distribution ceremony happened in LA-204 at 2:30 pm.

The list of winners:
Overall best project
1st prize- Reusable Battery (Sector-21)
2nd prize - Water level alarm (Sector-6)
3rd prize - Fire alarm (OSAP)

Workplace wise winners in different categories:

1st: Home made reusable battery(Raghu & Jeetu)
3rd: Solenoid Engine(Ranjan, Gauri, Chandani)
Air Cooler(Iswari, Neha, Subhashree, Suchitra)
Climate Change[Presentation]-(Sujata, Arjun, Aakash)

2.Hydraulic crane
3.How coal forms
4.Forest Conservation 
5.Rain Water Harvesting 
Hydraulic crane-1st prize(working model)

How coal forms-2nd prize(presentation) 

JAGDA Projects-
1. Vacuum Cleaner 
2. Periscope 
3. Kaleidoscope 

(Periscope project won 3rd Position in the working model category)

Sector 5.
No. of projects- 5
Best presentation - Smoke absorber
Consolation:- 3rd prize - salt water energy

Total no. of projects- 7 
3rd-Overall good- Fire alarm
Could have been more better- Water pollution 2nd/3rd
Working model- Vacuum Cleaner- 2nd

Total no of projects- 5 
Over all 2nd prize - Water level alarm 
Consolation prize - osmosis
Best craft - Ice cream stick house

1.Solar system
2.Walking robot
3.Smart city
Smart city-3rd prize(presentation)

All in all, this year saw a huge participation and enthusiasm from the children's side, with as many as 91 kids participating in the competition, and this event ended on a high note with the prize distribution ceremony. Not only did it bring out the creativity from within the kids, it also encouraged them to think, discover and present their ideas, whatever they might be. The Little Science Yard, was, thus, indeed a huge success.

written by
                 Srija Mukhopadhayay

Monday, October 30, 2017

Diwali, The AASRA Way

This year, the festival of lights was celebrated with great gaiety and joy in the workplaces of AASRA. The Diya project initiative of AASRA was a great success this Diwali and played a small yet significant part in lighting up the lives of the people in need.It was celebrated in six workplaces of AASRA which are sector 6, sector 21, sector 5, OSAP, Jagda and Khalsa involving enthusiastic children and equally enthusiastic members.


The first and foremost thing that marked the beginning of Diwali celebration was the distribution of profit made in Diya project among the women who made the diyas in Sector-6, OSAP and Sector-21. Diwali is incomplete without crackers and sweets, and keeping this in mind, sweets and crackers were distributed among the children of all the workplaces. The members were also fed sweets at the end as a happy Diwali from the kids. All the members actively participated in the Diwali celebration of their respective workplace as well as of the other workplace. All in all, it was a bright and great Diwali, for the members and children, alike.

written by :-
                    Srija Mukhopadhyay

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Lighting Lives, Making a Difference: Diya Project 2k17

New clothes, sweets, crackers. Diwali is a time of joy and celebration. But there are many who aren't fortunate enough. For the poor, buying things during festivals can be nothing but a far fetched dream.
We at AASRA believe that there's no greater joy than the joy of serving the poor and the less fortunate ones. Each year, we create employment opportunities for dozens of poor women during Diwali, so that they have enough money to celebrate the festival of lights with their families. DIYA PROJECT is our greatest and most awaited project every year, for which every volunteer of AASRA puts in a lot of effort (and love). We buy diyas from a wholesale seller, and buy decorative items such as glitter powder, paints etc. We go to three workplaces and ask the women there to decorate these Diyas for us. Our volunteers roam around the campus of NITR, visiting faculty and students and taking orders for diyas from them. These decorated diyas are sold for a profit, and the profits are given to the women who make them.

(sector 21)

(sector 6)


This year, we executed the 11th Diya Project, and it has been the most successful project till date. Thanks to the very supportive staff and students of NIT Rourkela, we received a total order of 1976 diyas! In the beginning, we were definitely worried. An order this big? We weren't sure if we could deliver. But that's where the women from our workplaces, OSAP, Sector 6 and Sector 21 stepped in. They were confident in themselves and promised to deliver these Diyas to us way before Diwali.
When we went to collect the diyas from them, we were surprised to look at how beautiful they looked.

Each one was different, each one was beautiful. The women looked contended with their work, and our joy knew no bounds. They were packed in beautiful boxes, and were sparkling. Then came the most important part, delivery. Delivering 1900 diyas can be difficult, but it didn't feel so. Our Volunteers love to work, and within no time, we delivered every order, two days before Diwali. People seemed happy this year, thanks to the beautiful diyas. Indeed some perfect Diwali decorations for their room.

 Coming to statistics, this year's Diya Project has been our greatest success till date. We never expected an order this big, and we were definitely not sure that we could finish the work with a 100 percent efficiency, but we did it. From the total amount collected, we subtract the money it cost us for wax, decorations, diyas, threads, transportation and packing costs, and other miscellaneous heads to calculate profits. In 2015, the profit made was 23,800/- and in 2016, we made a profit of 27,450/-. This year, we made a whopping profit of 42,273/-. The amount of money given to the women is calculated on the number of diyas they make. This year, they made almost twice of what they made last year. They were extremely happy. Indeed, a happy Diwali. This year, a bar was set. Expectations for next year are very high. We're sure our volunteers look forward to working with next year's Diya Project with the same amount of enthusiasm as this year. This is how AASRA helped light up people's lives this Diwali. What did you do to make a difference?                                                                                                                                        


                                                                                                              written by:-
                                               Nikhil Vobbilisetty

Monday, October 9, 2017

To New Beginnings

Guru Nanak Public School, Khalsa has been a partner of AASRA for a long time. We’ve been teaching kids of neighboring slums at GNPS for quite some time now. A few of our alumni members had the idea of using GNPS’s infrastructure for teaching children of Sector-21 and OSAP colony, to maximize our efficiency and also to benefit other children in nearby areas who weren’t in our former workplaces.

AASRA’s members had a meeting with the school management body of GNPS in March, 2016. There were some obstacles during the initial phase, as some of the board members were skeptical about giving their infrastructure to be used for teaching kids of nearby localities, due to former issues with people of the naya bazaar area. With a little help from Mr. Kulwinder Singh from GNPS, who has been very supportive of AASRA and a series of discussions and meetings, we finally were able to convince the management. Now, you’ll be happy to know that we have formally begun teaching at GNPS to the underprivileged for free, helping them achieve their dreams.

The GNPS project aims to: 1. Effectively use our member strength to teach children of OSAP colony and Sector 21. 2. Use audio-visual aids to make learning experience very student friendly. 3. Focus on preparation for Navodaya exam and other scholarship exams. 4. Extend our reach to children of nearby localities. We sincerely thank everyone who has helped make this program reality, and hope that this becomes a success!

written by :- 
Nikhil Vobbilisetty

Thursday, June 8, 2017


AASRA, the social service wing of NITR has been working from years to uplift the poor. Our volunteers go around Rourkela and teach underprivileged children. But success isn’t restricted to classroom scoring. Many of these kids are left without jobs after their 12th. Many are known to leave studies after their 12th, find petty jobs and work on a wage, or get married. That is when we realized that we needed something to help these kids secure a bright future.

The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana(PMKVY) is an initiative by the Government of India under the Ministry of Skill Development and Enterpreneurship. It aims to prepare today’s youth in Industry-relevant skill training that will help them in securing a better livelihood. To help some children who had fewer resources, we at AASRA identified a few kids from our workplaces who could be potential benefactors of this program. Since we go around a lot of places in Rourkela, the search wasn’t difficult for us. We sat down with them and talked about the pros of this program, how they could benefit from this and get good jobs in the future. Trades under this program were discussed with these students, to help identify their interests or skills they could take up in the future as a career. Many children from Sector-21 and OSAP Colony fulfilled the necessary requirements
enlisted by the program. AASRA visited Chhend center on the 8th of April, because Chhend has been under PMKVY for a while now. After thoroughly examining the facilities, placement records, course curriculum etc. available, we came to a conclusion that the program would indeed benefit these underprivileged children in building them a fruitful career in the future. The kids we teach are no less than family for us, and we were ready to do anything for their sake.

On the 10th of April, 2017, the Central Manager of the PMKVY Center at Chhend visited sector 21 for the counselling and survey process for the project. In a brief meeting that was held with the children, they were provided the details of the whole program. A final list of students with their respective trades/courses of interest was made. The Central Manager promised to return in two days with the brochures and forms in order to complete the formalities necessary. A special mention to the zonal head of this program, who assured AASRA personally that he would take care of these children for us; thus supporting us as a collaborator in achieving our motive, to provide these kids the career they deserve. He praised us for our work, told us that what we were doing for these kids is noble. Such positive remarks get us going. They fuel our passion to work and serve for a better tomorrow. These children were all-set to have a successful career now, thanks to PMKVY.

With a lot of joy, we’d like you to know that on the 1st of May, 2017, the enrollment of the enlisted candidates was finally done for PMKVY and Skill Mission Program of the Government of India. This was just the first batch of candidates of AASRA enrolled under Placement based skill development programs. We at AASRA, along with the skill center wish to help many more children beyond our workplaces, in hopes of helping more children. We know that there are thousands out there in need of help and direction. Even something as big as changing the world begins with one small step at a time, and we had taken our first steps.

On 21 May 2017, a few of our volunteers visited the PMKVY center at Chhend with the selected trainees from OSAP and Sector-21. Some kids would be trained in Hospitality(Hotel Management), some as solar panel technicians and some as industrial sewing machine operators. The trainees seemed glad after visiting their classrooms, labs and hostel areas. A seminar was held on the 28th of May at NIT Rourkela, where the state head of PMKVY Centers and other officers were present. The attendees, mostly students of class 10, 12 and +3 or above were told of this program and its benefits. They learned the importance of skill development and were motivated towards achieving their goal. We’re pretty sure that these kids will now work hard to acheieve this goal. We hope that these kids follow the footsteps of their seniors and work hard in building themselves a successful career.

You’ll be very happy to know that a total of 4 people started training in their course on the 1st of June, and the rest will begin anytime now. AASRA thanks each and every one of its volunteers who made it possible for these lesser privileged children to train for a bright future. 

Little's Science Yard 2017

This innovision saw a successful continuation of AASRA's 'Little Science Yard' streak. Little science yard is a science projec...